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Jus a few questions


Jus a few questions

Jus ordered Broadband easy Start (500k) On fri

Q1. Does connecting the adsl modem to to an extension (approx 2~3 m of cable) make much of a difference to the Noise levels etc on the line?

Q2. Currently a Binatone 500 Modem is hopefully going to be delieverd (if line tests pass). I've heard that pci modems can offer better performance, but i was wondering if the difference is enough to justify a purchace (I know there likely to use up more cpu time but since i'm sitting here with an althon XP 2800 (barton) With 1Gb DDR333 Ram - there really aint much of a problem there)

Q3. Is there any linux drivers for the Binatone 500 Modem (looked on there site but couldnt see any drivers- maybe i've gone blind)

sorry for makeing the above look like some sorta exam! Tongue

Anyway Thanks in advance


Jus a few questions

sorry 1 last question

Can i upgrade / downgrade my account before the 12month contract is up
& if i up/downgrade does tht start a new 12 month contacts?

Jus a few questions

Good quality extension cable will not affect SNR or attenuation to any noticeable degree.
I would go for a 4 port modem router rather than USB or PCI modem. A router is independent of operating system and does not need any drivers. It also places minimum load of the system (only the Network card is used).
Also, you can add other computers to the network later taht can all operate independently.
Unless you want to wring the last ounce out of your connection on speed and ping, going for a modem router (which is the fastest method) will not be cost effective.

Jus a few questions

Cheers for the quick reply

When we were on telewest broadband (awful servive.. hence the reason were with +net) we had our modem connected into a hub etc. but now is only going to be on 1 pc -

I found the hub (netgear.. can't mind the model) to be a pain.. randomly died alont requireing it to be reset & also it seemed to have difficulty with certain games... it jus refused to shunt the data to the right place(port). It was quite an old model so i dont know if theres been any improvements.

Anyway i will see when the modem arrives (hopes my nu power supply arrives first as i've heard some usb modems have problems with cheap generic power supplies that create a hell of a lot of interfearence..... like mine am radio dies within a 20m radius of my machine .. wonders if my brain is getting fried )

Anyway thanks

As for the account switching?