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Joining plusnet quick question


Joining plusnet quick question


I have joined plusnet on the easy start 24.99 a month today but i have a few questions.

1. I am currently on adsl with and my account is due to be closed on the 26/11/03, how will this affect my order with plusnet and will i still be able to have adsl with plusnet.

2. Will plusnet get incontact with bt wholesale and find out when adsl is taken off the line so plusnet can then acitvate my account.

3. I have my cbuk number from virgin, will this help plusnet in my leaving virgin and joining plusnet.

I have not used the mirgation system to join plusnet because virgin does not support it, this is the reason why i have asked virgin to cancel my account.

Hope you can help

many thanks

Jeff B :roll:

Joining plusnet quick question

1: Yes, this will affect youe ability to get ADSL, but only the time it takes to get you back up and running.

After your line has been deactivated, it can take time before BT Wholesale change there database to say you can get ADSL again.

2: No, they won't.

What your best bet is to inform PlusNet using a link:contact us ticket, that your line will not be ceased until 26th. Ask them to keep submitting the order upon failure or duplicated order.

One your line returns either that you can't or can, PlusNet will then inform you.

PlusNet will advise you the best approach when you contact them anyhow.

3: The CBUK will only help during migration.