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Is usage between Midnight-8am counted in the SUP?


Is usage between Midnight-8am counted in the SUP?

Hi all, I have a quick question about the SUP, I've read it over and over again, but cant find the answer i want. Maybe I'm just blind hehe.

Im on Plusnet's 4mb premier package, and what I'd like to know is if my broadband usage between midnight and 8am counted towards my monthly usage totals?

When i login to the members area, and the "view my usage" area, there are only amounts for 8am-4pm, and 4pm-Midnight. No mention of Midnight-8am.

I'm a new customer to plusnet, and I'm a quite heavy broadband user. And I'm worried that I may use too much (the warning email comes at 150GB)

So If i use a lot between midnight and 8am, will I still be capped if I use too much, or do plusnet turn a blind eye to usage between those hours?

It would help a lot if i knew, because then I could schedule large downloads overnight.

Thanks in advance Cheesy
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Is usage between Midnight-8am counted in the SUP?

All transfers regardless of time of day count towards your SUP usage allowance of 45GB peak (4pm -> midnight) or 150GB total (all times). There are no 'free' periods of time when transfers are not counted. What happens when you exceed the peak or off-peak allowanced are detailed in

However there is also a P2P/Usenet/FTP peak time (8am -> midnight) allowance of 30GB on your product which if exceeded, will result in peak time management of those protocols. What happens when you exceed those allowances are detailed in

The total on your VMBU includes any traffic not covered in the 2 peak time totals.

Is usage between Midnight-8am counted in the SUP?

ahhhh that explains it better. Thanks for the info mate!