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???Is this really the case????


???Is this really the case????

I asked PN for my MAC key as i want to leave. They said this:

We can usually only issue a MAC key if your broadband service is provided via BT Wholesale; in this instance we are using an alternative network provider, so unfortunately we may not be able to provide a MAC key.
Please check whether your new ISP is participatiing in the Reverse LLU Migration Pilot, and let us know if they are. We can then supply a MAC key, although because this is a trial, it is a manual process and may take several days. Please also note that very few ISP's are able to process a reverse MAC key, at this time.
Alternatively, we can schedule cancellation of the service, 30 days after your next invoice date or sooner if required, on payment of the final month's subscription.
Please confirm in a reply to this Question, via the Help Assistant, how you would like us to proceed.


Does this sound right to anyoneHuh

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???Is this really the case????

You might want to have a thorough look here if you haven't already.
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???Is this really the case????

Same post as in the Community support forum.
This only causes confusion by getting replies in more than one place.

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