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Is this normal


Is this normal

It seems that I have been upgraded although I recieved no mail from PN. I noticed a dramatic change in speed three days ago - it was a lot slower!!!. Checked my router and it was synched at 5400kbs. Speed was about 200-300kbs compared to the 1900kbs which I used to enjoy before they speeded me up!!.
Also I have periods of a couple of minutes where no data will transfer. Web pages and mail servers time out. Then suddenly everything works fine for a few minutes.
Is this normal for an upgrade and will i ever see speeds higher than I was getting before??


Is this normal

The speed has varied with me from 0 to 911in the first couple of days so I think it is normal for an upgrade. - I was disconnected every minute.

We had 2 pc's that couldn't connect at all for 2 days. Still it did give me time to actually talk to my teenagers :?

It is starting to settle down now, still with with varying, but better speeds, uinfortunately not above 1.7 though -still there is time yet.