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Is this my PC or Plusnet ?

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Registered: 14-08-2007

Is this my PC or Plusnet ?

When I open a browser my PC (Win 9Cool can take up to 30 seconds to start loading a page. It is like it is waiting and then suddenly all the data bursts down. This happens at random intervals. Anyone know if this is a common plusnet issue or could my machine be playing up. I have scanned for SpyWare (none there) and disabled the firewall (ZoneAlarm Pro) but this changes nothing.

I can be downloading something from an FTP site and it doesnt seem to drop off so I am leaning towards a Windows 98 issue.


Is this my PC or Plusnet ?

This is one of many problems i have been experiencing over the past few
months, and i believe alot of other PN Users are also having similar problems

So i suspect it is your ADSL Service and not your PC.

have a read @
(its all there) :?