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Is this modem upto the Job?


Is this modem upto the Job?

Since having broadband since 2002 I have been using a Alcatel Speed Touch PC PCI Modem without any problems.

I was moved onto LLU in early May but even with sync speeds of around 6500 I was still unable to get any download speeds above 2mb day or night.

Having contacted Plusnet they are still investigating any problems on my line.

However by coincidence I have just installed exact same modem for relative who has taken up broadband and although syncing at 8000 can still only download at 2mb.

Although the spec for this modem list 8mb download speeds this is obviously not the case with the existing drivers.

What concerns me is there are no updated drivers for this modem since 2001 when 8mb home download were just a pipe dream.

Has anybody used this modem and got more than 2mb from it, or is it just time to send it into retirement and splash out on one of those fancy routers I have always promised myself.
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Is this modem upto the Job?

AFAIK A lot of people have sync at 8000 but can only download at 2000 or less, regardless of their hardware.

Is this modem upto the Job?

Because it's sync'ing at 6500 indicate that the modem can support speeds up to 8MB. It's porbaly down to not having your stable rate changed. Normally with BTw this information is fed back to PN but not sure how it works with LLU. Best to wait until PN get back to you.

Tou can find your stable rate with this link

Is this modem upto the Job?

I understand with LLU Plusnet limit your download speeds to 2mb for the first 10 days then amend your profile to the max you line can support.

I bit the bullet and just gone and bought a Netgear DG834GT router to see if this improves matters.

Unfortunatly since I purchased it my line it has been constantly re syncing and gone from a steady 6.5 mbps to less than 1mbps sync speed. Hopefully this is just plusnet working my line and my sync will return to normal or it will look like I will have one nearly new router for sale.

As least I can now get my line stats( Atten 45db noise 10db) so I can get a rough guide what my line should support.