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Is this a commom problem?


Is this a commom problem?

Can anyone please help me .... I've now been without my internet connection for over 2 days and as I work for myself and am reliant on using the net.. this is very bad news for me.

Having tried many times over the past 24 hours by email and by calling (message says average response time is around 10 mins!!!!) several times, a couple of 30 mins to be cut off and I held on for over an hour last night!

OK - I've tried all the re-booting,changing micro filter, swtiching on and off etc.

I have a BT Voyager 2110 router - the internet light shows when the device is switched on but then goes out, leaving just the DSL, Wireless and Power lights showing. My laptop show the connection has been made and the signal is strong?

Any suggestions on what may be the problem? In the past I've had a couple of experiences of this however, when I've retried an hour or so later it was ok, so I put this down to ISP.

Thanks in anticipation.
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Is this a commom problem?

Have you tried using the BT speed test login? You'll need to change your PlusNet user/password details on the router (make sure you know them first) and re-boot the router and your PC. If you can connect to the BT site it will prove your equipment so the issue MUST then be an authentication / ISP issue.

Is this a commom problem?

We've had exactly the same thing but despite raising 1001 faults on the Broadband Checker nobody seems any the wiser. From previous postings on here it I was putting it down to LLU issues with Tiscali.

What makes it even better is when you do get online you get the front page of the portal trumpeting plus getting 92% satisfaction rating. All I can say is that the survey must have been done a while ago.
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Is this a commom problem?

Maybe the satisfaction rating is drawn mainly from people who've just moved from dialup and are dazzled by the fact that everything loads a bit faster and they can use the phone while they're online! Wink

Oh, the wonders of indoor sanitation and this new fangled mains water and 'lectricity!