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Is this Usual?


Is this Usual?

I have just moved over from PIPEX to Plusnet on the advice of a friend, and I have been active for 2 days, and the service has been down both of them!!

Luckily my other account is still ative so I can use that, but is this usual for plusnet?

Has my friend screwed me for the referal?Huh

RE: Is this Usual?

Some people have speed issues, which the upgrades PlusNet are having problems with are trying to address. I'm into the fourth week of the ADSL service, and yesterday and today are the first time it's been down at a time of day when I've been trying to use it (which is usually all day).

Hopefully, therefore, your friend hasn't landed you in it.
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RE: Is this Usual?

See the 'Service status' link on the left.

I'm not happy about another outage either, but the thing that PlusNet do right (unlike e.g. Pipex) is to give a detailed, and hopefully honest explanation of the causes of the problem.

I left Pipex for PlusNet because I refused to tolerate zero information on the website, support phone numbers that timed out before you could get an answer, and polite emails getting no reply. Users deserve some respect and at least PlusNet, in general, do show some interest in keeping their customers informed.

RE: Is this Usual?

... 13:16 and waiting.

After reading your posts, it isn't that bad. They do keep you informed on the service page, that's something, but we need another update now.

Perhaps PlusNet could Email prior to scheduled outages, or with info regarding broken kit. Even with the slow dial-up, you can still get mail.

33.6 hurts!

tick tock.....

RE: Is this Usual?

PIPEX customer services are probably the worst I have ever experienced, I was once on hold for 1.5 hours only for it to say that they were now closed!!

Also they tell you to email them if the service is down, surely then must people who don't have dial up modems as well can't.

I must admit the service at plusnet is better, but I would rather have cr@p customer service and no reason to call them! into my 5 day with plusnet and am still having speed issues, so still not a happy chappy.