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Is the new Broadband plus right for me?????


Is the new Broadband plus right for me?????

Visited plusnet after a while to see theres a new product on offer. I see that other than P2P and Usenet are there any other services which are banned. Can i use it all or not?

I consider myself a light user. In fact I only use about 10gb per month of bandwidth and most of the time the connection is only used for online gaming and surfing. I am currently on the 22 per month broadband premier service.

However, If i ever need to download say a 500mb demo or a 200mb mp3, am i going to be capped to certain speeds? during peak times?

For what sort of usage is this service reccommended? I wish to reduce my monthly bills further so can the plusnet team advise here

thanks a lot

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Is the new Broadband plus right for me?????

Broadband Plus is great for users who just want to surf, use email, download the odd file etc. Heavy downloads are restricted when the network is at it's busiest so large file downloads will not be as fast as they are on Broadband Premier, however, if you don't download much - then it's no great shakes really is it?

If Broadband Plus isn't for you, then it's free to upgrade to Premier.