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Is anyone else still having major drop in speed using P2P?

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Is anyone else still having major drop in speed using P2P?

I started experiencing problems like everyone else about 2/3 weeks ago, anyway I was going away so waited til I got back to see if it had been resolved. It hadn't and I raised the following ticket with customer support:

"I recently regraded from a 512k connection to the 2mb broadband premier account. When the regrade happened, I was initially very happy, as I was getting good download rates both when using p2p applications and normal downloads, often over 100kbps. However, 1 week ago I noticed that my download rates were at a drastically reduced rate, especially when using p2p applications. I ran several speed tests using both your own speed test along with other ones and the BT one. These results varied greatly from anything as low as 442kbps to 1938kbps. This I can live with, as my normal downloads are at the worst slightly worse than when I was on the 512k connection. However the main problem which I do not find acceptable is the download rates I am getting when using p2p applications. I am aware that download rates will vary vastly when using these types of applications, depending on who I am downloading from, what connection they have and what they are downloading/uploading. But prior to me going away last week I was getting speeds as low as 500 bps (yes bytes) and at best 7 or 8kbps, I can get 5 or 6kbps on a dial up connection! On my return from holiday tonight I have again tested it and whilst they haven't been quite as low as last week, the very best speed I am getting is around 25kbps, but often much lower. I have verified with the people I am downloading from what their connection speed has been and what they are downloading/uploading at the time of me getting these extremely poor download rates, several of these people have ceased any other activity on their connection to allow me to fully test the download rate I am getting, and it is remaining the same. When I paid £30 to regrade to this service it was stated that their was no traffic shaping taking place but I would like to refer you to a message posted by Dave Tomlinson from your Customer Support on the adslguide forum - and to my response which is the 6th reply under Dave Tomlinson's post. First of all I am very unhappy that a product I purchased that was not supposed to include traffic shaping, 2 weeks later now includes traffic shapping. Secondly, the way in which I have found out about this traffic shaping is via another forum, not even the plus net forums, never mind the common courtesy of receiving an email from plusnet. Thirdly, in the post by Dave Tomlinson he states that "The traffic shaping on Plus works in a very different way to a Premier account, i.e. customers using premier would only see a small decrease in the speed of P2P when P2P traffic is at a maximum compared with the greater decrease in speed on Broadband Plus for P2P applications at all times of the day." Yet this is clearly not true as myself and many other users have found out. Surely it can't be mere coincidence that so many of us have started to experiece these same problems at the same time? Finally, I believe that I have clearly been mis-sold this product, and it would appear that people that are paying less on the broadband plus are actually getting far better download rates when using p2p applications, than many of us on the broadban premier connection.

I look forward to your assistance and response."

Since then I have had a couple of emails from support saying they are passing it on to various people and finally tonight I have received one that states:
"Our networks team have now confirmed that you have the correct profile assigned for your account type." Nothing else, am I to assume that they believe there is nothing wrong!

I am aware that there were a lot of customers that had been assigned an incorrect profile and I assume that this has now resolved a lot of people's problems. But is there still lots of people that are experiencing the same problem as me? I would be interested to find out before I contact them again about it.

Many Thanks

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Is anyone else still having major drop in speed using P2P?

Yes I am having problems and have had this for about 2 weeks now

Same here

Just changed my account to up to 4 mb and notice a drop in performance browseing or downloading. I am not that heavy a user. First day was impressive since then taken a dump.

Is anyone else still having major drop in speed using P2P?

Just changed my account to up to 4 mb

Are you one of the trial customers?

Additional Drop in Performance


I can confirm that the traffic shaping is having a huge effect on download times throug +net.

I regraded to Broadband Plus and was achieving download rates of a Usenet service,, of 15KB/sec. If I downloaded off a non-Usenet site then my rates rose back to the 100KB/sec that my line can accomodate.

After discussion with support, they informed me that traffic shaping was very active on the Plus level and that I should upgrade to Premier to solve this

Having done this I now find that I have download rates of 17KB/sec!!!!!!

Outstanding support call with +net with a simple question. As I am on the highest residential tarrif what download rates should I expect when using a Usenet service? Still lawaiting reply.

I believe that +net are suffering sue to commercial pressure in the marketplace and basically trying to maximise throuhput on its lines. To still publicise "Unlimited usage and download" they are actively targetting large download sites and "gthrottling" the throughout from these sites.

If this is what is happening then it is pretty shoddy practise. No publicity regarding what p2p or Usenet sites that will be limited are available and therefore as users we cannot determine what the likely performance of the service will be until after we have commited to the +net contract!!!!

I would be interested to start a forum for users to share their poor download speeds and what sites are being targetted to be "throttled".