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Is a Solwise SAR 715 up to MaxDSL?


Is a Solwise SAR 715 up to MaxDSL?

I have had a solwise SAR 715 for years and it has always served me very well. I seem to remember the original specs saying it would support up to 8Mb.

Does anyone have any experience of how a 715 copes with MaxDSL?

Thanks in advance,
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Is a Solwise SAR 715 up to MaxDSL?

I have an SAR 715 and appear to have just been upgraded to MaxDSL.
(The spec does say it will work up to 8M downstream. )
My downstream sync rate with the exchange is currently showing as 8128 Kbps and upstream it is 448 Kbps.

Speed tests with PlusNet's tester tool are showing varying download rates between 5M and 3.8M - I don't know exactly what is going on there or if there is some throttling being applied somewhere.

But the main thing (?) is that the SAR 715 is downstream syncing at 8128 Kbps with the exchange.


Is a Solwise SAR 715 up to MaxDSL?

Appreciate you taking the time to reply. My speeds are a bit all over the place too.

Have not had an email to say it will be upgraded....perhaps that comes after it is which point I will stop seeing the disconnects and fluctuating speeds anyway Tongue
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Is a Solwise SAR 715 up to MaxDSL?

I also have a SAR 715 and I have been on MaxDSL for over 1 month now.
The router seems to be coping fine.
The main issue is that in the evenings the SNR on the line drops and the exchange re-syncs dropping from 8128 Kbps to the next level down.
Although with the warmer weather it is happening less Smiley

So I would expect you to be ok.
For your information I am using Firmware

Software ver: 3.D3.1.22