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Is Maxdsl coming to MN?


Is Maxdsl coming to MN?

Is Maxdsl coming to our accounts? If so any timeframe?


Is Maxdsl coming to MN?

Hi there and welcome to the forums.

Metronet are embracing Maxdsl products, however these are still at the discussion stage and no definite lead time is available right now.

James provided this insight, a week or so ago..........

Once of the lines of thinking is to turn:

PayGo500 ---> PayGo2000
PayGo1000 ---> PayGo4000
PayGo2000 ---> PayGo8000

Keeping either the same of similar usage allocations, although will be considering offering free off peak usage, similarly to the Plusnet offering. What would peoples thought be on this?

We're also looking into being able to over a low cost migration to Plusnet services and vice versa, so if you do wish to join the Max products, and feel that one of the Plusnet products would be vaible for you, this could be done at minimal expense.

Basically, more news as I have it.

Keep a check on the forums for details.

Is Maxdsl coming to MN?

Thanks, hopefully it will sooner rather than later.