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Interoperability of Netgear WGR614 and DLink DSL-300T


Interoperability of Netgear WGR614 and DLink DSL-300T


I'm hoping that someone here can help me out...

My ADSL was activated today, I'm on premiere with my own hardware. For whatever reason, I cannot connect through the router to the modem or to the internet. I can however, connect to the internet if I connect directly to the modem via ethernet.

The default IP of the modem is
The default IP of the router is

The router is actually able to detect the IP address being assigned by the ISP, but when it tries to access the net, it fails. I've also tried connecting through a crossover cable, instead of straight-through but that hasn't helped either.

Is the fact that both the modem and router are acting as DHCP servers the issue? Even if that is so, they are allocated in a different IP range....

I've tested the functionality of the router by connecting to a different ADSL line in another flat, and it works fine, so it must be a configuration problem of one of the two devices...

Does anyone have any experience:
1. Using the WGR614 with PlusNet
2. Using the DSL-300T with PlusNet
3. (Ideally) Using the two in conjunction with PlusNet?