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Internet connection sharing in win98


Internet connection sharing in win98


We have recently had broadband installed at home, and i want to share the connection with my brother whose pc is in the same room. I know how to do this with win xp, however i am having problems setting up in windows 98. The modem goes into my PC (i have win xp), and i have a cable going into his PC (running win 98 ). Can someone explain what i need to do to get this working? In XP i just used the connection wizard when i have had to do this before, however it seems more tricky with 98! Thanks.

Internet connection sharing in win98

First of all if you are connecting directly to his pc you need a crossover cable. If you have a hub you need a straight cable.

Set your xp pc up as follows.
Ip subnet and then set the dns.

On the 98 pc set it up as
ip subnet set the dns and set the default gateway to

Reboot both pcs and it should work