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Internet Connection Sharing driving me nuts!


Internet Connection Sharing driving me nuts!

I really am at my wits end. I have just built a new PC, which I am using to type this message. I have successfully transferred my broadband onto it and I have networked it with my old PC using a crossover cable.

The network is fine - I can see both machines from either PC - but I cannot get ICS to work! This machine is running XP Pro (SP2) and the other is running XP Home (SP2). I have tried running the wizard on both machines - it runs fine and reports no problems - but the other machine simply cannot use the internet connection.

Is there a manual way of doing it? I have managed it in the past when I connected my Dad's laptop (Win 9Cool to his desktop (XP) and shared the connection just fine, so why on earth am I having problems now?

If someone can solve this I'll buy them a pint. Seriously, I'll send the money over PayPal...

Internet Connection Sharing driving me nuts!



In case anyoneelse has the same problem, it was all to do with DNS settings - I had to put them in manually on the "client" PC. Basically I was clutching at straws and stumbled across this thread:

I applied the same theory and VOILA!