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Intermittent phone noise


Intermittent phone noise

I'm on package 2 (8Mbits/sec) and got broadband 2 weeks ago. The BT test showed that I was initially on 135Kbits/sec, then I had ~4 days at 2000Kbits/sec. However, I'm now back to 135Kbits/sec and have problems initially connecting (getting an adsl light).

I've noticed that the phone can occasionally get noisy when the modem is trying to (but failing to) connect, but okay once I'm online.

Before I start replacing things, does anyone know if this is likely to be:
-A phone fault (I've tried using 4 different filters)
-A modem fault
-A phone/modem interaction
-A line fault (Originally suggested by Plusnet on the forums before my line went upto 2000Kbits/s)

[Hopefully speed should be back up in a couple of days]


Intermittent phone noise

All of those. Your filter should stop any noise from the modem you may have tried 4 filters but are they all the same cheap one?
All you can do is test each part one at a time. As is often said on this forum plug the modem directly into the bt socket by removing the front plate and see if thats any better. This will illuminate any wiring and the phone. Check the stats and then add one thing at a time and note the stats.

Does the modem connect ok if the phone is unplugged is it a DEC phone as they are the worse?
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Intermittent phone noise

I'd suggest having a look here to ensure that your internal setup is correct.

If you are still having problems when plugged directly into the BT master socket then raise a fault here.

Intermittent phone noise

Fairly sure it's the line and have raised a fault with BT. If I do a quiet line test when connected okay, it is quiet. If I do a quiet line test when the broadband drops out and then I have just the phone plugged directly into the master socket with the faceplate removed, I get crackling and sometimes what sounds like radio or TV.
Seems to be getting a lot worse, dropped out about 30 times yesterday, sometimes for a few minutes sometimes for upto an hour.
Unfortunately I'm on the engineers waiting list and they will phone me when one is available for an appointment.

[I'm going to get a wired phone to test very soon, but if the phone was the problem then the broadband should work when the phone is unplugged!?]