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Intermittent Serious Degradation

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Intermittent Serious Degradation

For the past 4or 5 days I have sufferred from severe loss of bandwith. This causes pages to be unobtainable. It affects all sites. It usually lasts for only a few minutes. Before and afterwards, bandwith is good to excellent. Clearly something is stealing bandwith on my connection to the Internet. It is not me because mostly there is only one pc connected and I can see from Zone Alarm that there is no other network activity. I can also see from the router that no other nodes are attached. I'm suffering as we speak.

Is this likely to be a Plusnet problem or could it be on the local BT network. I would be suprised if it localised because it is so severe. I don't want to raise a ticket because the typical response is reload Windows, buy a new computer, get a new wife etc I'd like to be able to point the finger first.

Anyone else noticed this fault pattern?
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Intermittent Serious Degradation

Well, I've been online almost constantly today and I've noticed nothing like what you've said. I also don't recally seeing any threads about this problem - which all in all leads me to believe it isn't to do with PlusNet.

I would recommend you raise a link:Contact Us ticket... they should be able to help you - maybe you could link to this thread if you think it might help.


Intermittent Serious Degradation

NO slowdown has been noted.

If you are sure it is not you, which seems to be the case, check out your exchange to see if there is a problem.
If that is OK, the best is to raise a ticket as it could be an error on teh network somewhere or a faulty card at the exchange. Only by raising a ticket can yiou get that checked out.