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Install Questions


Install Questions

Hi there,

I applied for a new 1mb ADSL connection last thursday, and on the ADSL tracker, it says that you're waiting for BT. How long does this take? I know it says 7 to 10 days, but how is this affected by volume of transactions? Is there any way to find out when this will be done by more precisely?

Thirdly, more for my own interest - It says a BT engineer has to "physically activate your line". What does he have to do? change wires? or is it all done in software nowadays?

Thanks for your help,


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Install Questions

The ADSL tracker should show you an estimated completion date which is approx 7 -> 10 days from your order being placed. This is usually what it will be but it can slip a day or two. While in this state (waiting for BT) there is no way to check what is happening. The next thing that will happen is your activation or rejection (if your line does not support 1Mb).

All the work BT have to do is in the exchange and does involve connecting your line to ADSL hardware.