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Initial connection problems


Initial connection problems


All of a sudden I am getting initial connection problems. I get various faults such as 721 or 683. All of them are basically rubbish because without changing any settings it then connects with no problem whatever.

Tonight, the 19th April, was a good example. I started trying to connect at 9.00 p.m. had constant fault notifications that my name or password was not recognised on the Domain or that the Domain would not respond in time. I kept trying on and off until 9.59 p.m. when it suddenly connected.

Can anyone explain what is going on?

This is becoming a regular feature of my trying to connect to Plus net and I am most unhappy. I missed an international gaming session tonight, which might cost me money

Thanks for any help offered.

David Marriott
Evil !!!!!!!!!!!

Initial connection problems

I don't know about earlier days, but many other users have been suffering this evening from the same failure of Plusnet's RADIUS server to allow you to connect. See this thread for details.