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Initial Connection


Initial Connection

Being new to all this broadband business im looking for some help with a few questions,

I have just bought a router and am all set up hardware wise, I am waiting for my line to be activated - so all is fine there,

The only thing im wondering is am I due some description of connection software on CD or from some other source as the people I have spoken to who have got Broadband have recieved some connection software from their ISP

Should I expect this and if not how do I set my machine up to Connect
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Initial Connection

If you have a router, you shouldn;t need any software.

The settings for your machines can be found in the support section of the portal and your router's user guide (possibly whats on the CD ROM) should also provide some help.

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Initial Connection

If you bought the router yourself then any sofware needed should have been supplied with it.
What type of router is it?
You can get help and information about setting up your ADSL on the Customer support pages.