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Initial Broadband setup help needed (t**kt**k, NOT +net)

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Initial Broadband setup help needed (t**kt**k, NOT +net)

My neighbour has just changed from BT Openworld to talktalk for his broadband. After setting up OE & Outlook, we find that The smtp server is set up fine and can send e-mail well enough, but the mail (POP3) server does not work at all.

The outgoing servers name has the correct spelling and it is the correct name for the server.

Is there something else that has to be done initially to be able to get the POP3 server to work properly? We read something about not being able to use until you had received an e-mail to your inbox first - that didn't work.

Do TT send you an e-mail with any kind of code to activate your system?


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Initial Broadband setup help needed (t**kt**k, NOT +net)

A POP3 password as well as userid for mail server
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Initial Broadband setup help needed (t**kt**k, NOT +net)

Talk Talk support must be really first class if its users have to come to plus net for advice on how to use its service

Initial Broadband setup help needed (t**kt**k, NOT +net)

It is- friends in Loughborough are still solely relying on me two months after losing connection.

Calls every other day were getting them nowhere.
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Initial Broadband setup help needed (t**kt**k, NOT +net)

My sister told me she was moving to talk talk.. I pleaded with her not to, and tried to refer her to PN, but she wouldn't have any of it (I think it's called being stubborn!)

She's now having all sorts of problems...speaks for itself really!
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T/T Nightmares

If the email address is new then an initial email has to be sent to it to enable the account - dont ask why, I dont understand

All of my Talk Talk Clients now run alternative email services due to Talk Talks lack of communication capabilities.

If the account is already set up then re-setup the email service in OE - check it works then import settings into Outlook.

I expect this has already been tried! Best of luck