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Information bout leaving - definitive answer


Information bout leaving - definitive answer

Sadly, I want out. Not going to go into reasons why, but you can guess most of them.

My billing cycle starts on the 1st of the month, but I want out asap.
I've had this particular broadband for more than 12 months, so I guess I'm not tied into paying anything more than the 30 days notice.

My deferred activation is standing at £47 + months charges (£21.99) mean my MAC should cost me £68.99. Is this correct? Also I want to migrate asap so with those payments made, am I tied to you until the end of the 30 days??

Also, there should be 11 days left in next biilling cycle and I should get that back as a refund - does that happen automatically?Huh
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Information bout leaving - definitive answer

You are going to have to raise a ticket to get an offical answer, but, you have to give 30 days notice,you do not have to stay for those 30 days.
The notice starts when you ask for the mac code, any payments due in those 30 days will still be taken,any days paid for after 30 will be refunded but you have to request them once you have left,it will not be done automatically.