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Info about ADSL and radio suppressors


Info about ADSL and radio suppressors

If anyone has been experiencing problems getting their ADSL modem to
sync with the exchange, they may wish to check whether they have a
radio suppressor (RF filter) on their telephone line.

BT installed an RF filter on my line in September, as I complained of
hearing radio programs coming through in the background. However, I
ordered ADSL a few weeks ago, and although my line passed initial
checks and was supposed to be activated, I could not get ADSL to work
at all.

Knowing a bit about how ADSL operates, I suspected that the RF filter
might be to blame, but convincing BT that this might have something to
do with it was a long hard fight. Both a 151 faults operator and then
a BT engineer who visited my home disagreed with me that it could have
anything to do with my problem at all. In the end a second BT
engineer came out after I referred the matter to PlusNet, who escalated
the matter via a back door with BT, and he replaced my RF2 filter with
an RF3 model. He said it had been developed especially to solve this
type of problem.

All is now well, so I thought I'd post my story here - it might help
other people who are having trouble with ADSL and/or obstinate BT