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Incorrect username or password


Incorrect username or password

Ok, this has just happened again.

About 3 months ago, I started having problems connecting my ADSL via the USB Modem.
I would get a message that the username or password is incorrect.

If I kept trying, it would eventually work.

It stopped happening, so I put it down to a glitch, but bang - its back again.

Last two days, Ive had to make numerous attempts to connect - same EM each time.

Anyone else, or just me?

Incorrect username or password

One of my mates is having the same problem. Normally you just have to enter the password again and you can connect straight away, but now it just times out on you.

Yesterday he was unable to connect to PN for many hours, so lets hope they have sorted out the problem now.

Incorrect username or password

Hi there,

If that problem rears its head again, once you do connect, would it be possible to paste the results of an ipconfig / all to the thread.

You can do this from Start - Run - type cmd in the dialogue box and click ok. That will bring up a command prompt at which point type ipconfig /all and hit enter.

Copy and paste those results to the thread if you could.

Incorrect username or password

Had the same problem last night, went into Tools, Accounts, View or change existing e-mail accounts, (then chose the account I was having trouble with) Change, More Settings, Connection, and there saw that Connect using Lan had been chosen. Changed to Connect using my phone line and applied and since then no problem. How the setting came to be altered I have no idea as this account was set up with same settings as my default account. Over to you Mr. Starter.
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Incorrect username or password

I had something happen recently that may be similar I don't know. I use a router and it's sometimes difficult to get good diagnostics.

At or around 4:30pm yesterday the PPP session dropped. I can't tell which end was responsible and ADSL remained synced throughout so I don't believe it was the router.

Subsequently it appears to have tried to reconnect and stuck at the verifying username and password stage. That's where I found it this morning. After I disabled and reenabled PPP it connected normally.

Note that at no time did the ADSL circuit drop, whatever happened happened at a higher level.

This isn't the first time this has happened and I have reason to believe it has happened with a previous router of a different model.

Incorrect username or password

Hi grundyb,

Welcome to the forum.

I have seen that particular issue you describe before and I'm glad you got it sorted.

The OP in this case is having a slightly different problem with a connection authentication error as opposed to an error with the email client.

I certainly experienced something similar to the original issue yesterday afternoon.

Incorrect username or password

cheers for the follow ups folks.

next time I see the problem, Ill post the ipconfig details after I get connected.