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Inconsistent Download Speeds


Inconsistent Download Speeds

Help, I am a little confused. Just migrated from Virgin 512k ADSL where I was running pretty well flat out most of the time. Upgraded to 2MB Premier.

When I do a speed test, either ADSLGUIDE or PLUSNET I am getting speeds of around 1.8mbs which is fine. However if I download a file whether it be from a newsgroup, from the web or wherever I am averaging 175 kbps, almost a quarter of the Speed of Virgin. However If I try the same download at 3am then it increases to 1.8 mbps. being a premier customer I was aware the ratio was 30:1.

Finally my ecchange is due to be upgraded in August although I am not sure what effect this will have

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Inconsistent Download Speeds


On an up to 2Mbps premier account you should indeed be seeing downloads from PN newsgoroups of approx. 1.8Mbps/230KBps. Have you checked you exchange using this link?

I had VP showing red since about March giving me a very poor download speed at times. It has just been fixed last week and now back up to the expected performance.

For your info. the contention ratio is 30:1 on PN network only, home users are on 50:1 contention on BT’s network.

Because you are getting the expected download speeds in the early hours it would suggest your home setup is OK. Have you got a wireless access point? If yes have you got it properly configured? i.e. you are only allowing known computers to access it etc. Otherwise a neighbour could be using your bandwidth.

Hope this helps