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Incomplete downloads and Ventrilo problems


Incomplete downloads and Ventrilo problems

For the past week or so I've been having major stability problems with my connection while attempting to download files. The problem is that the downloads appear to be working fine, however when they reach 100%, the download freezes and never fully completes, even if I leave the download running for a further 30 minutes. If I cancel the download at this point then the file appears to be the correct size, but is corrupt (RAR files report corruption at the end, EXE files will not run).

These files come for a variety of sources; some are from dedicated download sites (rapidshare, megaupload, etc) though I have also been having problems downloading mainstream applications such as Firefox (which took me 3 attempts to download).

Now these problems started appearing out of the blue and I have also noticed another problem which started around the same time. I usually use Ventrilo for my online gaming comms, and over the same period I have had stability problems (losing the server connection but with the client not realising this, so having to manually disconnect/reconnect).

These problems appear related (not realising that a connection has been dropped for some reason), they started around the same time. The same problems are evident on my other home desktop and laptop, so I would suspect a hardware fault with my Wireless router, but all other net traffic appears fine (general web browsing, online gaming such as World of Warcraft, etc).

Also, I know that there is serious flooding around the country, though not in my local area (Durham); could this be adversely affecting the web network?