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Incompetence that knows no bounds


Incompetence that knows no bounds

If you have LLU issues this is what you can expect:

- 11 Aug (return from working away to discover dial-up spedd broadband), so go through tests and then log a ticket.
- 12 Aug my support request has been ESCALATED to the correct team for review.
- 18 Aug my fault has been raised with Tiscali (allow up to 5 days for an update)
- 25 Aug, still investigating... have ESCALATED the issue further with our suppliers.
- 27 Aug, ran test post maintenance, no improvement
- 28 Aug, ESCALATING the issue further with Tiscali, we will be checking this issue daily with them
- 31 Aug, (after much badgering for an update...) fault still being investigated by Tiscali
- 04 Sep, passed to HIGH LEVEL COMPLAINTS to be actioned
- 08 Sep, Tiscali still unable to confirm further information on the investigation...have now flagged this issue with a senior member of Tiscali. Assigning to monitor/chase for resolution update. Fault identified as massive noise on the port I am using at the exchange. BT to change port (allow 4 days).
- 14 Sep, no confirmation from Tiscali that the work (due to complete 12 Sep) has been completed, will chase...
- 16 Sep, (still no change in speed, and after a second request to return to IPStream).. have requested your LLU MAC
- 20 Sep, LLU MAC key received, and order placed to move you back to IPStream (due to complete 28 Sep (today))
- 28 Sep, no order showing, order placed with BT (again??), allow 7 days (again)....

... and on it goes...

I also called PN twice: First time they were unable to pull up any of my information whilst I was on the phone. Second time they agreed to make profile changes since they were unable to get a response from Tiscali and.... I had 1 Mb for 1 day, and it then reverted back. When queried through the help-ticket it was denied that anyone had made changes to my profile (obviously not logged....but I knew otherwise). I also contacted COMs directly who opened a ticket marked URGENT (ha...)