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Imstalling the splitter?


Imstalling the splitter?

I got my starter ADSL pack yesterday but am confused by the splitter. Presume this has to go into the phone line with one connection going to modem & the other to normal phone. However, the splitter has one normal phone type socket & one smaller connection (same as phone into normalpc modem),
my phone obviously has a std type phone plug on it & the lead supplied in the pack has the same std one on one end & a small type on the other. As the small one has to go into the modem I am left with two std type phone sockets to plug into the new splitterHuh? Help!

Imstalling the splitter?

Sounds to me like it's not the splitter / microfilter that's confusing you, but the ADSL connection lead, which seems to be the wrong type. (You need a lead with an RJ-11 connector [ie the small one] at each end. If you happen to have one of these from other equipment, you could try that; normally they need to be wired on at least the middle two contacts.)

I think you should raise this directly with PlusNet through the Contact us system, or by phone.

While you're waiting for a response, you could try connecting directly to the phone socket using the lead supplied (ie by-passing the microfilter), and removing all other equipment from the line. By this means, you should be able to test that you are able to connect, and should be able to achieve a stable connection.

Which modem was sent to you?

Re splitter

Thanks for that, just spoken to Plusnet who agree the wrong lead has been sent! I did try to connect direct into socket using the lead supplied & it connected OK.
It is a Binatone USB modem.

Still waiting!

3 days on & I.m still waiting for my support tickets to be answered & for the correct connection lead!!!