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Important Mail Deleted


Important Mail Deleted

Hi there. I've done a really silly thing and I have deleted an important email Shockedops: To cap it all, I just emptied my deleted items folder today!!!! Is there anyway I can restore it through PN or Outlook Express '03? Any advice will be appreciated.
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Important Mail Deleted


Unless you've set Outlook Express to leave a copy on the server then unfortunately we won't have a copy of the mail. Once it's downloaded we'll delete it.

There may be some good news though and that is that usually when you delete a mail OE doesn't actually bin it. The text is usually still saved in the DBX files until the folders are compacted.

As such there are tools available that can recovery lost email, R-Mail is one I've seen in the past. If there's no attachments then a messy way is to open the DBX file in notepad and search for it, just make sure you don't make any changes to the file.