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*Important* - Binatone ADSL500 & Windows XP Service Pack


*Important* - Binatone ADSL500 & Windows XP Service Pack

I know this subject has been touched on in other posts but I feel this should be clarified once and for all.

Binatone ADSL500 = YOU NEED WINDOWS XP SERVICE PACK 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My ADSL connection became active over the weekend and my hardware from PLUSNET arrived as promised (Easystart package). The instructions were clear, and from all the information given at their portal excellant.

Stage 1 - USB Modem installed no problem.
Stage 2 - Connected no problem.
Stage 3 - And Nothing, unable to send or receive, not a thing.

Then spent a whole day investigating, including,

Replaced RJ-11 cable from modem to filter/splitter.
Replaced filter/splitter.
Checked tutorials and guides for tips.
Checked drivers and firmware.
Formatted harddrive and reinstalled XP Pro.

As a last resort, out came my trusty 56k modem, I connected and set about downloading service pack 1. 3 hours later it finished, I reinstalled my usb modem and would you believe it, I'm on, happy days!

Looking though the posts on this Forum a lot of people seem to have had similar problems. I'll certainly be dropping PLUSNET a line recommending that they mention this in their EASY!!! start installation guides.

PLUSNET are by far the best ISP I have been with in over 6 years. I'll put this one down to experience. Cheesy
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*Important* - Binatone ADSL500 & Windows XP Service Pack

One thing to note though, for any hardware updates you should always be running the latest service packs. I was installing hardware on a recently installed laptop, it was running Windows 2000 Service pack 2, needed updating to SP4 before it would work.

Service packs are classed as critial updates and more or less everyone should be running on the current latest service packs by now.