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Im going to ask a silly question,


Im going to ask a silly question,

But im not the most clued up on ports, ip's etc.

I have been assigned a block of 4 IP's and im trying to apply them to my Voyager 205 router.

so i go to voyager home and i get the control panel,

i go to NAT and disable it.

go to IP Addressing Configuration and change the IP for the given router IP, this disables HTTP.

i then go to network connections and TCP/IP and submit my new given ip's masks and DNS, i save this,

Now i go back to my router using the new address, i save in there and bingo im doneHuh?

so why am i not getting any connection?? and i have to reset my router and allow IP's and DNS's to be automatically assigned?

like i say probably a stupid question but i am a noob Sad

Im going to ask a silly question,

Normally with a fixed ip you still set it do get it from the server.
The dns is the same which ever way you do it the thing with letting the server give you the dns is if Plusnet ever have to change the dns yours will pick it up ok

All that happens then is it gives you the same ip everytime.
I assume you have set your local pc's up with the new ip's?

Im going to ask a silly question,


What are you intending to do with your block of 4 IP's.

There is very little you would need them for that you cant do with NAT and a single static.