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If you have no connection--I tell you what Plusnet don't


If you have no connection--I tell you what Plusnet don't


Over the last week, Plusnet did what they said they didn't.

Some of us are disconnected the adsl connection without any warning from Plusnet. Of course, as a result, we thought it was an accident. It was not. I found this out taking me for 3 days because they didn't tell me the reason. Bear in mind, your connection won't be back at least 2 weeks or more. In brief, you are kicked out of Plusnet to Tiscali. As ISP they use the network-bone. It was BT supplied network and they are moving the users to Tiscali network. The consequence of this is profound. Loss of connection for 2 weeks or more and when you want to move to other ISP (usually they use BT network), you can't simply move. You have to disconnect and reconnect the line connection to adsl. therefore, it cost you. Plusnet says in the Q&A(I have not seen this before but it is in the link above), that they notifiy you for the "kicking away" to the Tiscali network, which they didn't. they gave you the email on Wednesday saying "you are on the other network" .