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ISDN to Broadband


ISDN to Broadband

Any of you peeps upgraded from ISDN to Broadband.??

Are there any "hidden" charges that BT make for doing the upgrade if you order Broadband via PlusNet.?? :?:

ISDN to Broadband

When ordering ADSL, you normaly have to pay for the following.

  • Activation

    This goes to the ISP you are subscribing with.

    In cases where your line fails, this is refunded.

  • Subscription

    Monthly (or defined by contract) to the ISP

  • Equipment

    This goes to your supplier of choice, in some cases, this may be the ISP, if they provide equipment.

In a ISDN install, there is a further installation charge payed directly to BT via your phone bill, to the tune of £50.00 (including VAT).

This is refunded if your line fails, and ISDN is restored to its previous state.

This info is available HERE

ISDN to Broadband

A friend had his ISDN converted to broadband via plusnet with no problems at all (apart from the BT charge Tongue), I'm having mine done at the end of the month Smiley