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ISDN Checks


ISDN Checks

Hi all (again),

I just recieved news from the ADSL tracker that I might have 2 problems:
1. Wrong address - I highly doubt it?
2. Might be an ISDN line.

I am confused re problem 2. What does it mean to have an ISDN line? Is it the default line before it gets converted to something that is ADSL compatible?

Most importantly, how do I check if my line is truly only ISDN compatible?

I am fustrated, as me and my housemates want our internet badly, as we are international students. If converting from ISDN to ADSL means sending an engineer over which will take 20+ days long, I might have to switch to something ISDN compatible. Please help and explain to me the procedures.

Thank you. A Ticket has been issued too, but I know the community here are willing to help me if they've gone through the same problem. THanks guys.

Re: ISDN Checks

An ISDN Line is not a standard line. It is a special digital line, which comes in a variety of configurations. Take a look at your BT bill it should give you more information as to the type of line or contact BT to confirm.

Unless the phone was already in when you moved in or you specifically ordered ISDN then it will be a standard PTSN line.

I am pretty sure that the person whose name the BT line is in has to order the ADSL, so if example you live with Bob Smith and you are Rob Jones, you couldnt order ADSL in your name. Bob Smith would normally do it. I'd suggest that you speak to BT to confirm if you have an ISDN line first, and then if BT say you dont the person whose name is on the BT account orders the ADSL. If you still cannot get the order through then I'd suggest a word with Plusnet sales see if they can push it through for you.

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ISDN Checks

I shall check my phone bill then, on hope that I do not have ISDN. However, the customer support rep has replied me stating that the address was in error, so I went to check through the BT website and sure enough, they registered me to an address with a different postcode, ie i thought it was SW3 1ET but in BT it was SW3 1ER!

Anyways, have made the changes and I hope everything goes well now...

THanks you for your quick support, plusnet reps!