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IP problems.


IP problems.

Hi everyone,

I've got a problem and I can't figure it out myself.

I'm sharing the connection using routing and remote access on windows 2k3. No problems with that. However, I cannot go to the modem config. page (i have a new binatone 500).

The page cannot be displayed error. I cannot ping it either. However - the internet works fine.

The only reason it is a problem is because the dhcp server gives a 12 hour leave ( When the leave is up - the internet stops working and when i try ipconfig /renew it says it cannot find the dhcp server.

If I restart the server the internet works fine - for another 12 hours.

Any ideas anyone?

IP problems.

What subnet does your LAN use?

If the subnet of the modem clashes with the LAN subnet, then only one of the two subnets will work.

Normaly, the modem should take priority of the subnet, but things may be just that bit different in 2k3.

IP problems.

Excellent buddy! Cheers! Cheesy

Seems to have solved the problem! I can access the modem page now.

Just hope it can renew the IP without any problems.

Your help was much appreciated!