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IP Address?

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IP Address?

When I start the connection to the web, and the 'Binatone' connected/not connected view is showing, it has in the address line

Is this the IP address of my modem or the IP address of the PlusNet Server?

The reason I am asking is that I have Windows 98SE, and Zone Alarm. These were working quite happily with AVG6, but when I upgraded to AVG7, I had to reduce the Zone Alarm 'Internet Security' level from top to medium, or I lost all connection to the web, even the aforementioned Binatone window wouldn't work properly. PlusNet Moderator John Essex tried the same setup, and had the same problem on his machine, although his machine with XP, rather than 98SE, worked ok. Therefore, we thought it must be that AVG7 didn't like 98SE.

However, I have a friend who joined PlusNet Easy Start about 6 months before I did. PlusNet supplied him with a different modem to the Binatone one they supplied to me. Like me, my friend has 98SE, Zone Alarm, and AVG7. The difference is (apart from pc) he is able to use the Zone Alarm Internet Security top setting.

Therefore, I am nagging at this problem of mine, to see if there is a way I too can use Zone Alarm at the top setting.

Has anyone any suggestions (apart from "Get A Life"), please?


IP Address?

IP addresses of the form 192.168.x.x are for "private" networks, they do not work on the Internet, they are not routable IP addresses. So, it is the IP address of your computer on your home LAN.