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IE Adverts Problem


IE Adverts Problem

I posted this topic earlier but for some reason it hasnt appeared ..
Hopefully someone will be able to help me .
Every time I open IE an advert banner appears at the bottom of the page and I have to click the X to close it ....another popup ad appears at the same time ..the properties of the banner shows " but this varies ...The URL of the other popup is ( at present)
"" but ,again ,this also varies .
I have Spybot.Adaware,NoAdware and Spyspotter but none of these has removed it ..I also have a popupstopper running ..
can anyone suggest any solution ??
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IE Adverts Problem

This does sound like spyware. As you have already tried Spybot, Adware, etc I would suggest disabling add-on items in Internet Explorer by going to tools>internet options>programs tab>manage add-ons.

You could always try using an alternative browser that is less prone to such snaeky scripts and add-ons, like Firefox or Opera.

matt Wink

IE Adverts Problem

Thx Lowry ...I tried what you sugegsted but that made no difference so i downloaded Opera to see how that goes ...

IE Adverts Problem

Hi Stuart,

As Matt says this is Spyware.

mysearchnow should be removed easily by Spybot.

Can you confirm you are using V1.3 with the latest pattern files.

Same goes for Adaware. If Spybot S&D misses anything then Adaware should pick up on it.

I've never known mysearchnow to slip thru the net.

Cant comment on the other browsers tho. As a Microsoft partner I can only sing its products praises :roll: Wink



IE Adverts Problem

It was version 1.2 that I was using so I got the 1.3 version and altho' it found a lot of crud to zap,the banner and the related advert panel still apears so I'll stick with Opera ...Stuart