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ICS & Conexant ADSL Internal PCI modem


ICS & Conexant ADSL Internal PCI modem

Out of interest has anyone go this to work?

I have a simple 2 PC setup, crossed ethernet cable. Network wise its fine (Once I had told zonealarm all about the other PC!). However if I enable ICS then the 'Connect to the Internet using...' option in IE ONLY displays a dial up adapter - not the internal ADSL Conexant ADSL adapter ....

Any ideas here ?

Thanks in advance!

ICS & Conexant ADSL Internal PCI modem

Hi Patuk,
Can you clarify what the problem is. Can't you gain internet access ?
When you say dial up does it show 'Conexant access runner dsl' as the dial up
or are you refering to something else. eg a previous modem.
When you go to 'show all connections' what do you see there.
Have you set 'Conexant' as the default connection.

ICS & Conexant ADSL Internal PCI modem

At work now (boo hoo!)

Host machine --> Internet with ICS OFF == Fine, no problems, using ADSL Card

Host machine --> ICS turned ON == No go.

Under 'Internet Options'/'Sharing', there are two sections - 'Device this computer uses to connect to the Internet' and 'Device oter computers use to connect to this one'

Under 'Device other computers use...' I have the NIC card.
Under 'Device this computer uses...' I dont see the ADSL card - only 'Dial-up Adapter'. When I select this the Host computer internet connection goes down, even if the ADSL card is still connected.

Any thoughts ? (Rapidly coming to the conclusion that I need to get a router/firewall wall combo - the missus will go mad!)

Many thanks again.


ICS & Conexant ADSL Internal PCI modem

Windows usually lables adsl modems as dial up connections even though there not.
If you were using Xp then you would have to turn off ICS in the client and run the setup in the host for it to work. You have to create a workgroup and name each computer in that workgroup. Problems sometime occur when you mix
2 opreating systems such as XP &W98 together.This link has some good guidlines on various sytems and might be of help.

ICS & Conexant ADSL Internal PCI modem

Only Win XP will allow you to control a dial-up ICS host from the client machine. If you had win 9x, then although the connection would be available (setting the client to use LAN), it would not be visible as a dial-up connection. This would also require you to make sure that you had installed the ICS components on the client machine.

On Win XP, a shared connection on the host should automatically appear in Network and Dial-Up Connections, where it will be labelled 'Internet Gateway'. I don't believe it is possible to select this in IE options as your default connection (since it is only a temporary connection as far as the OS is concerned) although I have never tried it. However, you can create a desktop or taskbar shortcut for the connection, and dial it remotely. It will also appear in the system tray, so you can right click the icon there and disconnect it manually from the client.

If you have a mixed LAN, I believe that if the host is running XP, you will also be able to remotely dial from the client, although again, this is something I have never tried.

Probably the best thing is to describe what OS you are using on each machine, and which machine actually has the modem connected. It'll then be possible to give you more detailed advice.

ICS & Conexant ADSL Internal PCI modem

Thx for the advice guys - this is tearing my hair out ! Smiley

The client machine is Windows 98,

The Host ICS machine is WindowsME.

The host machine can connect and surf the internet using my 'standard' setup of an internal PCI ADSL Conexant modem-card.

Once ICS is enabled on the Host machine when I then load IE I cannot surf the net. Unload/stop ICS, reload IE = can surf again. (Note the connection to the internet throught the internal card was not lost at any point in this process.

So... we come to look at IE settings on the Host machine (I haven't got as far as the client settings yet)....
It appears that WindowsME does not 'see' the internal conexant card as a valid internet connection that can be shared usinf ICS. I suspect (but will have to wait until tonight to try it) that if I were to connect using my 56K modem then all will be fine as THIS is the dial-up adaptor that Internet Connections is seeing.

Does this make any sense at all ?

Once again, thanks for your time and thoughts on this problem!

ICS & Conexant ADSL Internal PCI modem

OK< this should be really simple then. On the host machine, look on the connection tab in internet options. If the ICS utility is correctly installed, you should have a new button in the LAN settings area labelled 'sharing'. Click this, and then see if your DSL connection is listed in the drop down field where it gives you a choice of connections.

Oh yeah, none of this will work unless you're DSL card uses DUN to connect. Look in DUN, and see if you have a connection that relates to ADSL.

Let me know what you find and I'll try and help further.

ICS & Conexant ADSL Internal PCI modem

Bleh Tongue

After hours of messing around I gave up, almost bought a router, none in stock in Dabs etc etc so I d/l - worked a treat - $25 to buy!

Thanks for your suggestions/help.