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ICMP Traffic


ICMP Traffic

Our PIX logs are picking off a lot of icmp traffic. obviously caused by the recent spate of viruses.

Im a new customer, whats the abuse procedures like here?
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ICMP Traffic

Email with logs and as much info as possible, however due to the amount of customers affected by these viruses - thousands, there is little that can really be done. If you do a search though the forums you will see that PlusNet are putting some good plans into being to combat this problem.

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ICMP Traffic

If ti's our customers, we can take action. If these are coming from non PlusNet IPs you need to go directly to the abuse contacts for the ISP in question (Or ignore the pings as your firewall is just doing what it is there for!).


ICMP Traffic

Thanks, could you let me know (if) what your IP ranges are.


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ICMP Traffic

Just doing a lookup here on the IP address will tell you if it's PlusNet or not.

ICMP Traffic

According to RIPE:

RIPE.Net[/url]"]PlusNet Technologies Ltd
20031017 80.229/16 ALLOCATED PA
20030228 81.174.128/17 ALLOCATED PA
19961211 195.166.128/19 ALLOCATED PA
19980608 212.56.64/18 ALLOCATED PA
19990412 212.159.0/17 ALLOCATED PA

Sorry, I haven't a clue how to read those (I'm sure someone else can), but it should give you a general idea.

If you're unsure of a certain IP, run a Whois (IP Owner) on THIS page, and if it's a PlusNet customer, it should show up as belonging to "PlusNet Technologies Ltd".

Hope that answers the question Smiley