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I'm totally confused by a few things...

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Registered: 08-08-2007

I'm totally confused by a few things...

I haven't looked through the forums for ages, and haven't been taking much notice of what's going on with PlusNet for a few months.

So, I've got quite a few questions. Wink

I remember at the end of March there was a lot of talk about MaxDSL, I think I completed the Q-jump thing, but don't really know what's happened since.
I've heard about this new Opt-in thing, and signed up to that, but according to the exchange checker on plusnet usertools website my exchange has been enabled for MaxDSL, so why hasn't my speed increased, I'm still at 1Mb.

I've read a lot about the number of people who's lines have to be upgraded, but what was the point of the Q-Jump, and will this Opt-in thing make any difference?!
Is there any kind of ballpark date when these upgrades will be completed, or how will I know I've been upgraded, will I have to do anything?
For all I know I have been upgraded, and no-one's told me, all I need to do is reboot my router!!

I've been thinking about leaving Plusnet as there are a lot of very competetive deals out there, but have been holding out for Sky's broadband package, and now I hear about the LLU palaver. I've read that Plusnet are charging to cancel if you're line has been changed to LLU if you're exchange supports it. Where have I had the choice about this, and what the hell is LLU?

I realise there may not be answers to all these, but I would like to know people thoughts on all these things. It does annoy me that people just signing up to PlusNet are getting the fastest speeds possible, whereas I have been with PlusNet for over 3 years now and get nowt!!!

I'm totally confused by a few things...

By moving you from BT to LLU if you wish to move to another provider at a later date you may have to pay again the original fee you paid to BT to enable broadband. Plusnet stated that they would give you notice that your exchange was going to be transferred to LLU and later would give you seven days notice.
Plusnet have so far not adhered to this. Also it would seem that seven days notice would not be enough anyway as they require 14 days notice to cease.

I believe all plusnets customers should be emailed with the full implications of LLU. The reason you don't know is because plusnet aren't telling you.