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I'm doing this to a BT line....


I'm doing this to a BT line....

I am getting my master socket shifted and two aditional sockets installed from BT. Cheesy

I call them on 05/02/05 to raise this order. Upon asking if it will cause a stop/start, advised it shouldn't do, but asked for notes to be put on the system just in case. Smiley

I call PN to ask if a note can be put on my account to confirm that any cease that is raised due to a PSTN change should be cancelled as I wish to retain the broadband. :?

Eventually I am able to get though to the advisor as to what I'm asking which is fine. I get this ticket:

"Closed : Customer is moving his master socket in the same house and BT say that customer has to contact us so that the line is not ceased. Stated we will not cease the line but BT can and so he has to make sure with BT that they do not disconnect adsl." Evil

BT did not recommend to me to contact my ISP, I did this off my own back, as I informed the agent.

The work is due to happen on 08/03/05 (yes, quite a while!) and so as I work in BT Openworld (no throwing things please) I know the kind of problems that the customers experience first hand.

Just worried about losing my 2mb link for about 5 days!

Anyone else had this problem before? Sometimes it can cause a Stop/Start, sometimes it doesn't for the shift.