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I'm confused re BB speeds (can anyone help?)

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I'm confused re BB speeds (can anyone help?)

I have my Mac key from Plusnet and am moving away to another ISP.

However, the new ISP tell me that although I am actually getting a 1mb service currently (well, almost - I get speeds of around 960kb when I do the test) .... and am on Plusnet's 2mb service, apparently BT only have my line down as a 1/2 meg line (when I do the BT line test on my phone number). The new ISP say they can't put me on their 1mb service because BT have me down as 1/2 meg and their system won't allow it!! So at the mo, if I go with them, I'll be pinned down to a 1/2 meg service unless or until BT upped the official line speed (I am quite a long way from my exchange at around 4 miles).

To complicate things a bit further, I'm no longer a BT customer (have gone with Toucan for line rental and calls), and so far my phone calls to BT have proved unhelpful. Toucan can't help. So I thought I'd try Plusnet's board! I don't really want to go down to 500 (or whatever) kb when I'm getting almost double that in reality. On the other hand I do really need to move away from Plusnet now - after 6 years - since I have found them almost impossible to contact on the occasion my connection has gone AWOL.

I don't really understand the whole subject, though I've learnt a little bit in the last week or so .. is there anyone out there who can enlighten me? How do I get BT to up my line speed officially?

Basically I'm after an ISP who offer good customer support when things go pearshaped. This ISP I'm in touch with are a actually a local set up and so far have seemed really helpful. But we need to crack this speed issue.

Any ideas most gratefully accepted :lol:

I'm confused re BB speeds (can anyone help?)

I'm not an expert on the technical details but I think that if you change to another ISP that offers an 'up to 8mb' connection then your connection will be set at the highest speed that it is capable of.

This is I believe regardless of what BT say it is capable of. The first couple of weeks you are connected the line speed will fluctuate until it finds the optimum speed, which in your case would hopefully be at about 1Mb.

As I say I'm not an expert in the technical side but I think that is how it works so I hope that helps.
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I'm confused re BB speeds (can anyone help?)

Are you able to get line stats from your router/modem? If you can and they back up your claims, send them to the new ISP to demonstrate your line's capability and point out that the BT database is dodgy at the best of times!