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I have my activation I guaranteed ADSL ?:-p

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I have my activation I guaranteed ADSL ?:-p

:? Hiya plusnet people! This is my first post on here. I ordered adsl with plusnet about 2 weeks ago possibly (it seems so long!) and after avidly tracking my adsl status it now reads :

"An engineer will then physically activate your line, and we can then activate your ADSL account. If you already have ADSL connection hardware, it may appear to be working before we confirm your account is active. This is a normal stage in the activation process, but you won't be able to connect to ADSL just yet.

Activation Date
The provisional date set for BT to activate ADSL on your line is:
19th Sep 2003 - After 12pm

Please note that this date may change, depending on the circumstances at your local exchange"

Does this mean that my line has been checked and will be activated or just checked tommorow? Im a bit confused could somebody explain the process from now on please.
Thanks in advance, Gaz :?

I have my activation I guaranteed ADSL ?:-p

This will depend on what is required to activate your line.

If you requires a home highway conversion, then this appointment will be to decomission the home highway service.

If it is a simple case of activation, then it could happen before, though wouldn't normaly happen after that date/time.

However, you should wait 24 hours after the date and time shown before contacting +Net, as you line may be active, yet BT have not yet informed +net.


Nobody is gurenteed ADSL. You phone line contract only state it is provisioned for voice services.

The checks will normaly take place at the exchange while the engineer is schedualed to enable your line.
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I have my activation I guaranteed ADSL ?:-p


The commit date shown on the portal is the date which BT have allocated to switch your ADSL on. In around 95% of cases they meet this date, and they won't have assigned it until they have run the standard checks. In reality, they switch on the ADSL the day before this date.

This is actually quite new functionaility (Showing customers BT's commit date) and to be honest no one is yet sure about how accurate or useful this will prove in practice. From today, you will also be able to see the Citylink (Our couriers) tracking number for every parcel we send AND all hardware is going to be dispatched with a view to meeting BT's commit date, rather than us waiting until the account is actually activated.

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