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I have 2 questions


I have 2 questions

First of all this one is about Xbox Live. I recently signed up to plusnet and everything is fine but when i use xbox live i can only sign onto it if i have only just signed onto the internet, if i leave the internet on or someone else is using it i have to turn off the internet then dial back on it in order to access Xbox live. Please help

Next question, i used to be on AOL before plusnet and when i put the cursor over the 2 green arrows in the task bar it said 288/2272 and then i only had 512kb/s broadband. Now with plusnet i have 2mb/s broadband and it still says 288/2272. Please help

Thanks Attom36
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I have 2 questions

Can't answer your first question.

For your second, 2272 is the correct download sync speed for a 2Mbs connection (the 288 is the upload speed). With AOL and some other ISPs, your line sync speed would be set to the highest your line supported but limited to 512Kbs via their equipment. So what you have is correct for a 2Mbs speed product