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I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!


I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

I have recently signed up to your adsl 512k home service. With a free Binetone 500 ADSL USB Modem

Ever since I have been connected I have found it impossible to surf or download from the internet.

The web pages seem to hang and most of the time not load up at all. I attempted to download a 6.9mb file which advised me that it would take 9 hours.

Recent bandwith tests have come back as follows

0 kbps
0 kbps
3.8 kbps
212 kbps
0 kbps

these are the only tests I can do as I am unable to connect to any other test pages.

When I attempt to ping IP and Web addresses I seem to get a fairly quick response.

I have just rebuit my PC from Windows XP with SP1 back to factory settings which includes Windows ME (oh no), but this made no difference.

I also tried the same Modem and connection via a work laptop running XP and sp1 but still the same poor bandwith speed.

I am completely baffled and am currently in the mind to cancel broadband and go back to the lighting speed (well compared to my Broadband) of my old 56k modem connection.

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

Have you tried a different modem. I had a similar problem, however it turned out to be the card in my pc. Ask Plus net to check your connection..

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

There could be a number of things wrong and fault finding has to be systematic.
Have you tweaked your dial-up settings in the past ?? If you have it can be detrimental to broadband.
If you can get to this page, try the test and examine the results, especially retransmits and loss.

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

Plus Net reakon my connection is fine as they can communicate with it via ping.

But this will not help me once I launch a web browser.

I am running an external modem, which was supplied by plus net, would it be worth investing in another modem. perhaps a PCI adsl modem?

I have never tweaked any settings in the past, I have only been signed on to broadband since tuesday, and have never had a quick connection.

I will try to connect to the dsl report page and let you know.

My question to you all is how come I am having such difficulties getting broadband to work? Even after fresh installs of everything and on two totally seperate machines.

Cheers all for your replies

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

A number of points, most people have no problem with broadband, some have terrible problems. It is worth trying to sort the problems in the long term.

For my money, a modem router and a network card in your pc is the best way to go but can be more fiddly to set up. The laptop can also connect via the router and, according to router model, will have some form of built in firewall.
Some PCI modems can also have problems with certain motherboards.
Windows defaults are not set up for broadband, although even the defaults should give better speeds than you are seeing.
The laptop you have tried may not have sufficient power to run the usb modem and some PC's come with low wattage and low quality power supplies which can also give problems with USB modems.

Try sending yourself a large email and see if you can retrieve it. This will come directly off Plusnet mail server and not the net. If you can retirive the large mail at good speed, then it is not your connection that is at fault.

Check you have your filters/wiring set up as in here

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

You need to work out were the fault is. Try a ftp download possable try Opera or a diffrent browser. What do you get as a connection spped?

Its trying to wok out if the problem is the modem, the O/S or the browser thats were trying a ftp with a ftp client will show if its a IE fault.

I alway prefer a router as its O/S indipendant and you dont have any drivers which could be a fault.

Other faults could be not having the DNS set having a virus or spyware running taking the bandwidth.

try downloading this file and see what the speed is.

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

As a check, I am getting 52K/sec download on that file.

(Operating system redhat Linux 9.0 - USB modem)



I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

OK I am replying via the quick world of Dial Up 56k

I have atempted to download that file, which started at a transfer rate of 1.56kb/s then dropped and leveled off at 550b/s.

How poor is that?

It would have taken an estimated time of 30 minutes to download a 1.85mb file :shock:

Please help, what could be the problem?

I am managing to track it down to either the Line itself or the modem/software drivers.

As I have attempted to make connection on two random PC one Laptopm and Desktop.

This is starting to drive me bonkers, I was so looking forward to the exciting world of broadband.... Cry

Cheers all for your replies

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

Have you managed to try the dslreports test ?? It can tell you things about your settings and give some possible fixes.
A ping test from +Net will only tell you that you have a connection, it will not say how reliable it is or how fast it is.
I would raise another ticket and stress you feel it is the line. BT can test the line at +Nets request but will charge £50 if they find nothing wrong.

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

I am unable to do one of the DSL reports, it keeps coming up with the message

* Downloading file of size 146000: Failed to download, or server busy: Read timed out

I have just completely reinstalled Win XP with SP1, and also installed Nortons Antivirus 2003 and Nortons Personal Firewall 2003

Along with a complete reinstall of the Modem Drivers. :roll:

But still no joy. Cry

Question : Will I get charged the £50 for a line test?

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I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

The timeout at Dslreports is due to the speed being so low, so it does prove you have slow speed, which of course you already knew. Pity you could not get a result. My results are:
Actual data bytes sent: 146000
Actual data packets: 102
Max packet sent (MTU): 1478
Max packet recd (MTU): 1478
Retransmitted data packets: 0
sacks you sent: 0
pushed data pkts: 21
data transmit time: 2.504 secs
our max idletime: 138.5 ms
transfer rate: 45716 bytes/sec
transfer rate: 365 kbits/sec
transfer efficiency: 100%

The retransmit is important, as it shows how well you are receiving the data. Similarly sacks. The effectiveness of your connection, rx and tx (acks) is the transfer efficiency figure. If the connection is good, this will be 100%.

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

I have rasied another ticket with plus to stress the slow line.

What can a slow line be associated with

- PC

- BT Line

- Modem

- Browser Settings

- DSL Settings.

I am really confused on which route I should take next.

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

Sorry to say this, but it could be any of those and more, including
DSL filters,
phone extension cables in your house going to your modem,
faulty master socket

Just a thought, you are using PPPoA as the encapsualtion in DSL settings for the modem ?Huh

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

I have just purchsed a new DSL Router, but get this I have installed it the computer recognises it, but the DSL LED is flashing, so that means that I am not getting any DSL Connection at all.

I have tried it both on the master socket and on the extension socket with both filters.

Things just go from bad to worse.

I am using PPPoA VC-Mux with the DSL Router.

I am starting to really hate Broadband!!!!!

I would suggest, with everything you have tried, that the line is faulty.
However, if your USB modem connected, the router should also. Double check the settings in the router.
Have you tried to connect to the two BT test servers, instead of +Net, as detailed here:-

If you can't cconnect, you may have to "bite the bullet" and get BT to come and check the line with the possibility of a £50 charge.