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I am a spammer!


I am a spammer!

please help me (my plusnet account) stop sending
spam to all and sundry!

I get lots of spam and since a few weeks lots of blocked e-mail replies indicating THAT I AM A SPAMMER!

What can I do? I ran all the anti virus machinery and the
box is apparently clean, but still I get these blocked emails,

originally sent by @"meme"

Is that a bug or something on my end?
on's end?
on my modem?

Is it a Linux virus? I ask, 'cause I don't expect vira for
Linux and have no virus protection running there.

Any hint welcome.
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I am a spammer!

If the problem that you are experiencing is lots of returned mail reporting to have come from your PlusNet account.

Then there is very little you can do, spammers are faking e-mails from your address to look like they have come from you.

All you can do is filtering these out with your mail client. This problem has been going on for a few months now.


Re:I am a spammer

After a few months everyone from whom mail was bounced will think you are the spammer and have filters to stop mail which purports to come from you.

Using your email as the from or return path in their mails will no longer work for them and they will steal someone elses email to get their mails through and the returned mail should fall.

In the maentime you could be getting many thousands of postmaster@ type returned mails a day!!! I was!!! I hope you are luckier than I was.Cry