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I am Leaving.


I am Leaving.

I am sick to the teeth of plusnet.

We are pleased to be able to inform you that a member of our Customer Support Centre has now escalated your ticket [number 17447334 ] for further investigation/resolution.

The following comment was added to the ticket
Dear Dr Hargreaves,
The speed tester is adequate to diagnose speed problems. Please run the BT speedtester 3 times with one test between midnight and 7am. I know this has caused issues previously, but the situation remains that BT cannot investigate a fault unless the tests are run.

When we run a line test it will show all BT speedtest results for the last 5 days, and we need to see 3 to progress.

A. Baboon

I will add more to my post when I have had my breakfast. But to give you the basic jist... Speed started to be awful in april, did speedtests and after a 3000 word (including replies) ticket the fault was finally raised to BT (I will edit the exact dates in). The BT engineer came round, said my line was touching another line and said he had moved it. He went. Still balls speeds. So, I contact plusnet (the same day ) saying the fault had not been fixed. They said, please conduct a further 3 BT speedtests so we can raise the fault again. Being a bit miffed at this, I had a bit of a moan but still did the damn speedtests (about 10 overall). They then reply with, sorry you have do do at least one in off-peak times to rule out contension. I continue to grumble, but finally I do one. But, the results dont meet BT requirements this time. Quite miffed now. (There is quite a lot in-between which I havent included because I want my breakfast). I ring PlusNet after this a moderate number of times. I also ring BT who tell me that nothing can be done unless your ISP reports the fault. I ring plusnet again and finally they tell me that my modem is not compatable with Service Pack 2. So I fork out on a new router which robs me money I could do with. Guess what! The speed is still absolutely crap! I am really pi$$ed off now. I ring again and FINALLY I get someone good on the line! I explain my problem which by this stage is this. My download speeds start off at "good" speeds but after about 5-10 seconds they return to appalling speeds. We both agree that the BT Speedtester does not pick this problem up becuase it does not run for long enough to pick up the nature of the problem. So, he forwards my ticket to the faults department who tell me the above. I am sick to the teeth of PlusNet. I am leaving. But I have domains with them. So they will cost me an arm and a leg to transfer out.

I am Leaving.

good luck. it seems that if all goes well and you have done enough research to know the product you are buying plusnet can be a fine ISP, but if anything goes wrong at any stage along the line that situation changes.

I am Leaving.

I have done more speedtests.

69 kilo bits per second (Kbps).
136 kilo bits per second (Kbps).
309 kilo bits per second (Kbps).

I have to do one more at off-peak times. If PlusNet fix this, I might consider staying since it will cost me an arm and a leg to get out completely.