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Hunky dory?, I don't think so .....

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Registered: 30-08-2007

Hunky dory?, I don't think so .....

I gave up trying to get satisfactory help from here some time ago, but am at the end of my tether, so am trying once more.

First steps;

Let's carry on anyway shall we .....

Detailed checks

1. What Operating System is your computer running? Windows XP [ Edit ]
2. What is the make and model of your broadband hardware? Netgear DG834Gv2 [ Edit ]
3. What type of problem do you have? Speed [ Edit ]

Exchange contention status: Green (continue)
Exchange contention status: Green

Your local telephone exchange is reported as running below full capacity. It is therefore unlikely that the speed problems you are reporting are a result of contention.

Please note: this capacity report should only be viewed as a general guide, and cannot be taken as proof that no exchange problems exists.

Okay, so according to this, everything is hunky dory, and admittedly, HTTP speeds are okay atm (not as good as I'd like, but okay compared to recently), but POP, FTP and NNTP speeds are beyond disgusting, and I'm curious as to why ..... especially being a business account, which isn't meant to be "capped"?.

FTP Issues

Max (average) upload speed I've seen lately is 5-7Kbps ... speeds I used to see on dialup!

Max download speed I've seen lately is around 10-13Kbps

POP Issues

Downloading e-mails from my mail server takes forever. As an example, just recently, I had 32 e-mails, collectively at 1.xMB, and they took just over 10 mins to download!, whereas prior to this issue, they would download in a matter of seconds!

NNTP Issues

NNTP quite often results in a "Your host connection limit reached" error message (for the PN news server ONLY, the others I connect to, work just fine), and nope, my NNTP client doesn't give me an option to limit the amount of connections made to it. However, once again, until recently, this was never an issue.


Whats funny about all of this, is that the issues seem to get worse between 10/11am <> 1/2am

Has the router been re-booted?, yes - several times to no avail

Have the BT speed tests been completed?, yes - and they always report everything as fine

Have the machines been re-booted?, yes - several times

Has the MTU et al, been checked?, yes

Have I checked with my servers hosts to ensure it's not a problem at their end?, yes ...


So now we're at step 6 of the PN fault reporter, which asks;

On what date was your service last fully working?

How exactly, do I answer this with "some time last year"?

What a stupid bleedin question. How is this relevant?, and how are we supposed to remember when these issues have been ongoing for months?

Alas, at this step, I am always forced to cancel the checks as I cannot remember the exact date it was last working properly .....

Hunky dory?, I don't think so .....

I agree, there should in my case be an option for saying "never" but there isn't. I suggest putting in a fictitious date, at least you can complete the form. I usually quit at that stage.