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How unstable is 8Mb/s upgrade?


How unstable is 8Mb/s upgrade?

I've been upgraded to 8Mb/s without any warning.

PlusNet say "In the first 14 days following your upgrade, you will
see your speeds vary, and may experience disconnections and some
instability of your connection. This is perfectly normal."

What does this mean?

I'm only able to sustain a
connection for about 30 seconds every 20 minutes, is this
"perfectly normal"? Does this mean I have to use dial-up
for the next 2 weeks?

How unstable is 8Mb/s upgrade?

I had a similar problem, but only during the eveing when I was at home. After the ten day period it was escalated to BT and my target snr was raised to 12 dB from 6 dB.

I have been keeping the statistics from my router from 6 days into the training period. Prior to that I kept l8nc ping reports.

These can be seen at

The line is now stable(ish) - there were two disconnections today and my router has resynced at a higher rate.

My router (Solwise SAR 110) keeps a 24 hour history which makes it relatively easy to gather the statistics. I use Excel to plot the charts.